Not exactly the best writing, but I like what it does for me.
Crits are cool
Friendly comments would be sweet, even just taking a look would be awesome.

You say hello hi there
I reply with a vacant stare

Feels like I'm sleepwalkin'
even when I'm talkin'
no one can make sense of what I say

I wish to go outside for a walk
but I don't feel like walkin'

The string in my back went slack
and I fell to my knees
and that's where I've been
that's where I've been
that's where I've been ever since

I'm not angry
I'm not depressed
certaintly not happy
just don't feel a whole lot like anything

I've been here for weeks and weeks
walking on the same planet as everyone else
just walkin' six feet below the rest

All of my stares
match all my cares
and my half grown rugged beard says to me
"You know this is what it's going to be like tomorrow?
Every day exactly like the rest?"
"Yeah, I know"

Love the Low end