Anyone here a fan of Buck-O-Nine? I just downloaded an album (Twenty-Eight Teeth) and I'm still undecided. What's their best material? Their worst? Discuss.

Also, if anyone has previously Megauploaded anything or is willing to, PM me.
My Town is pretty good
So is Round Kid
I only have a couple off of Twenty Eight Teeth, but i have 8 or so off of their earlier album "Barfly".
I dont know the bands just "alright" to me. I like ska that has a good singer, so maybe thats why I'm not a big fan of these guys
i think there decent enough, have some greattrack, i luv der 'irish drinking song'. Its great
Moar liek Suck O Nine

lol am i rite?

Seriously, they are too third wavy for me but far be it from me to dictate yer tastes. I just had to use that fabulous witticism.

Anyway I like how these guys do Irish Drinking Song but everyone thinks it's flogging molly or DKM or one of those bands.

I particularly dislike that song.

I do like the Horn line from "My Town" though. That's something, right?
Buck o nine is pretty good, I like the singer's voice

and my town was the first ska song I learned to play on guitar
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