Hey GG&A. I'm not quite sure how, but my metal muff appears to be broken. Whenever I have the pedal in the bypassed state (no effect) it gives me no sound whatsoever, and when the effect is engaged, I get only a very quiet clean sound. Now, I've read through this thread which seems kinda old: Thread And I have the same problems, have tried everything it asked here and I've had no luck. It's still under warranty, but I bought it from EvilBay in America... so I would have to pay to ship it to America to get it fixed, no? Please help guys, thanks in advance.
I'm getting this problem too I believe...

With the pedal off, I get no sound, and with it on, I get really weak clean with hardly any distortion at all.
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i have a slightly different different problem with my muff. When i engage the top boost i get some scratching when i play.