even though its not my style of prefferred music, i can always see the strengths and weaknesses in music, and i can tell you guys have got it down and are really tight. your influences show really well but you still spark off on your own with the harmonies and stuff
The lead guitar that opens "Canvas Face" blew me away, and vocals sound terrific too. I don't know how you transition between the lead lick and the rhythmic part, but it works even though the vast majority of bands wouldn't be able to do that. The bass and drums have a nice groove going on that really carries the tune, and the quality is great. I've got no complaints at all.

"The Mountain" has a terrific bassline. This tune reminds me a lot of Wolfmother, in a good way (not the plagiarize kind of way). The vocalist has a great hard rock voice and I can't get over that bassline...doesn't that get tiring?

So far "The Skylark" is my least favourite track, but that's probably just because the other two songs were stunning. This track has a nice groove, but it doesn't have the same edge that the first two songs do. I like the solo section, but it doesn't really fit with the rest of the song. Least favourite.

"My Broken Vertebra" starts off with a nice guitar line. Your guitarist comes up with some nice riffs and the bass and drums really lock with each other very well. Another high quality track. Once again, the vocals sound great. The only complaint is that the song drags on too long for the average listener so be aware of the attention span of your target audience.

"Carnivore" sounds pretty good as a laid back groove but I really like when the electric guitar comes and picks up. The solo sounds great!

Overall, everything sounds really good - especially the vocals and the lead guitar lines. The songs are mixed very well and you guys write really good hard rock songs. If you've got some time take a quick listen to some of my acoustic stuff - it is totally different from your tunes but whatevs. Let me know what you think. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968