I need a good amp for bands like sum 41 and blink 182 , nirvana,metallica and stuff. I have a gibson sg, and i dont want one thats too pricey. any ideas??
whats too pricey?
if you can afford it a used marshall and a OD
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That's such a ****ing brilliant idea!

i just learned the hard way, that they are $#!TTY!

i had a valveking combo suggested and its supposively loud enough to drown out a drummer, so id check into one of those!
+1 on the Valveking.

It's a good tube amp for a reasonable amp. If you got extra money to burn after getting it, you can take out the stock tubes which aren't that great, but it isn't necessary to do so right away.
if you have the money, mesa dual recto,

or anything out of the mesa's distortion line...

tho tube mesa's are quite expensive...

but worth saving for if you want that tone.