Alright so over the last week my computer has been running slow, I changed the memory and no fix. So I formatted and attempted to reinstall windows, the only way I was able to do so was to use quick NTFS file format.
I booted my computer to the windows boot cd and went into repair prompt, then did a check disk and repair (chkdsk /r). This took at least 5 hours. I was given the message one or more errors had been fixed.
I ended up installing windows. Although I kept failing to install service pack 2, leading me to believe the hd was losing files or some messed up thing was happening.
I remember I have a fresh installed 20gb still in my computer, I've been using this.
I tried cloning the 20gb onto the 300gb. This failed and the error give was unable to write due to bad sectors (Using Norton ghost).
Right now I have the 20gb set as master and the 300gb set as a slave.
Do any of you know of any programs that have the ability to fix bad sectors or attempt to repair hard drives?

tl;dr - My hardrive has bad sectors, do any of you know of a program that has the ability to fix bad sectors/repair the drive?

Thanks to anyone who can help.
If you have a 20 gig drive and a 300 gig drive, I would just ditch the 20, run the 300 (partitioned) as master (20 slave if you really need it).

300 gig is probbaly enough for you, plus if you partition it say... 240 - 60, install windows on the 60, and leave 240 for data...

A 20 gig drive will have probably packed it in by now anyway...

Dragonforce? I don't even know what that is. Isn't it that Japanese card game "Dragon Force Z"?