Well, heres the dilemma.
I own a Fender Mexican fat strat, and at first i wanted to put in a Gibson 57 Classic Plus pickup in the bridge. But after talking to my local music shop buddy, he informed me that Gibson and Fender make their pick ups completely opposite each other so putting in a Gibson at the bridge while keeping the fender pickups stock is a terrible idea.

What pick up should i get thats sound is comparable to the Gibson?
I want a solid distortion for a power pop type sound, but not heavy like metal and such (I already have a Jackson Dinky with active EMG's).

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Okay, first off your local music shop buddy is retarded.

However, you're never going to make a Strat sound like a Gibson - pickups aside they're still completely different guitars, Gibson pickups are designed to produce the Gibson sound in a Gibson guitar. If you want something that' specifically designed to moderate the natural brightness of a guitar like a Strat, with a bit more oomph in the lower mids to thicken up the sound. Dimarzio Breed looks favourite to me.
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