What are any things that you can do to help when you have the flu??? I already know just rest, eat healthy, but are there any other things you can think of to help???

Oh, and what are some things you can do in your spare time while you have the flu???
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Drink tons of water, take it easy, best thing to do is rest it off, if you don't feel better in a few days, go to the doctor...

Just drink tons of water, basically
Mash it up real nice, mix it with oj and drink it.
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Icy hot?

If that fails.. lots of water

Drink heaps and heaps of water
O.J. will kill you
Exersise. Seriously, you can sweat it off, sounds weird, but works for me.
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If you're having a fever, sweating it out worked for me along with the ol ice pack over the forehead.

Sleep lots. Chicken soup is good.

When your fever subsides and you just have the cold symptoms and such, rest but do get a little exercise. Adrenaline helps unclog the blocked nose.

Blow your nose often etc. And do not swallow in your phlegm or you'll experience increased bouts of coughing.

/recent personal experience.
Soup is good
and lemsips:P

Lol i just remembered, my auntie used to tell that kissing was good for hayfever:P
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One of those warm lemon drinks.
And wrap up warm with a hot water bottle in a cool room with windows open.
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vit c tablets.lucozade.cheesecake(its just so delicious)

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