So I've been looking for a nice 6-string shred machine for a while and I found something that caught my eye. It's the Epiphone Prophecy Futura FX.

Here's the specs: http://www.zzounds.com/item--EPIEFTSFX

Has anyone played the guitar before? What pros and cons does it have?
I like the look and I adore EMGs, but idk if I want a Floyd Rose. Do they fall apart fairly quickly? Or will they last for several years?
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Con: The shape has been butchered.

Other than that. good.
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personally i think its ugly but each to thier own i guess
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I would get a trem, if you wana shred.

I think its a fairly decent guitar, but i reckon ibenez or jackson for example might be better. But try them out first.
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