Does anyone know where I can buy some final fantasy swords?
I've looked all around and I only found cheap knock-off swords.
ebay or go to the offical site and email them or something
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Ebay mate.
It's a fictional fantasy sword, chances are you're not gonna find one that will be A) Usable to fight with and B) Isn't made in China.
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The Blacksmith stupid.

Charsi or Jaella for example.

WTS Sword AH 3 G

God damn me for understanding this...
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well im looking for a full detailed replica of clouds buster sword

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why buy a sword...just get a gun
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You won't find a scabbard big enough for Sepiroth's blade.

I've actually bought Sephiroth's sword with the scabbard
The sword is 5 feet 8 inches long
There was a guy a while back on ebay that did wooden replicas, but finished to look metallic, take a look, dunno if hes still going
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I want Tidus's Catolabolg from FFX, thing looks bad ass
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There is a store in the mall near me that has a sword that looks just like the one Cloud has. Then there is a big ass sword that is like sephiroth too, but its not skinny like his, its far more wide.
This thread is almost a year old. I guess he's gotten his sword now.
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your inventory? It should be under weapons, otherwise I have no idea

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This thread is almost a year old. I guess he's gotten his sword now.

S**t, you're right... serves me for not checking out the date
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The sword store?

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