any tips how to get it lower than 3mm at the 12th fret? i only adjusted the "screws" attached to the 6 "things" holding the strings at the bridge. i heard i can get it lower and this is only my 2nd guitar.
not really. 3mm is incredibly low. i love em that low, and you can't go any lower with out fret buzz on the low frets.
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ok its a fixed bridge, you just mess with the screws at the saddles, if you cant get them to go any lower you could always get your neck shimed so it sitts higher. but 3mm is ****ing low as hell and i dont see how you would not have fret buzz like mad
You have to have a 1.5 mm Alan key tool in order to adjust the saddle height. The tiny screws on each saddle that look like the head is broken off of them are slotted with the 6 sided Alan key holes. The screws on the baseplate just control how far forward or back the saddles are.
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how far forward or backward do i want the saddles to be? and why are they usually lined up like 2 staircases? if you get what i mean
moveing them forward and backward is for intonation man, i wouldnt mess with them untill you know what your doing and read up on how to do that.
There is only so low you can go with action. 3mm is pretty good. Unless its a case that the saddles wont go any lower. Then maybe some neck shimming might help. But if its at 3, the saddles have adjustment and any lower it buzzes or has dead frets then thats as low as it goes.