I have a les paul knockoff. I recently changed my strings and lowered my action. My bridge is as low as it can go but the action is still high. How do i make it lower.
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i think youll have to put shims in the neck pocket
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High action can also be caused by excessive bow in the neck so you may need to adjust the truss rod.
could be the nut is too high. i had that problem on a gibson les paul once, i took it to a tech and he filed it down and recut the string grooves.
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We really need to see pics here, otherwise we could chuck out a dozen or so fixes to problems that don't exist.
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IF it was a bolt neck LP then neck shims could be an answer. Doubt it would work well with a set neck. TS there is only so low you can go with some guitars. Cheaper knock offs may need more than a few adjustments.