What instruments do you play???I know for most people it will be guitar, but who plays bass, keyboard, drums or anything else???

And does anyone not play any instruments and just use UG for other topics and nothing intstrument related???
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guitar, keyboard (not well), bass, a little bit of drums, and my skinflute that i had in my hand at birth
Just classical guitar. Every now and then (for 5-10 minutes) I'll pick up my old Fender Stratocastor, but I really only play classical guitar.
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I play: Guitar, bass, harmonica, drums and SEARCHBAR!

Didn't see that one coming, did you?


i play guitar drums and bass , i can play a small amount of violin and piano to
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I'm a flautist as well

And i play piano and keyboard ^^

Was there not already a thread like this? Or is it gone now?
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I play Tenor Saxophone.

As a matter of fact, I don't play any type of guitar. Sax is the only instrument I play often.
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Then I won't report you for making what must be the twelfth ****ing thread like this in two days.
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