I know there are a lot of similar threads about good beginner songs but I really couldn't find anthing about this. I want to practice some chord switching and strumming. I want the song to be fun to play as well. I've played for 8 months so nothing seriously hard.

Songs I know the chords in are Hotel California and Free bird. So something similar to those songs.

Thanks in advance.
I've found Hurt by Johnny Cash to be a good song for that (there's a good tab on here). You play arpeggios for the verse and strum the chorus and end part. The other things I learnt to strum with were tracy Chapman 'baby can I hold you', Amy Winehouse 'back to black', michelle branch 'goodbye to you', knocking on heaven's door (there's a **** version but avril lavigne but the chord progression is pretty easy), green day 'blvd of broken dreams' but then I'm a girl and I wanted stuff to sing along to You could also pick up the book guitar:man, a six-string odyssey, there's some great ideas along the lines of you examples in that book!
if it's just chords (don't call me a hippie lol) try some beatles stuff, it's relatively easy but songs like 'while my guitar gently weeps' are pretty good for your chord / strum practicing.
ok, thanks for the suggestions so far I'll definately have a look at those.
try doing that thing you do by the wonders

really fun song, quite easy to learn and it has a few chords, let my try to name them,
some barre chords, A, E, Em, Am and few more

really fun
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Freakscene by Dinosaur Jr is always good
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