What is better, the DC-3 or F-30? i know the F-30 is the new model, but it doesnt have a Graphic EQ on it, and the DC-3 does. So how does they compare, what one would be better to get (they go for similar prices on ebay)
Cheers Phil
I don't know much about the F series but the Dual Caliber series is pretty killer. I have a Studio .22 + with the Graphic EQ. You can get pretty much any sound with that little amp. I have a little clip of it on my profile page if you want to take a listen.
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DC SERIES HANDS DOWN. The F series is decent, but the express series that's derived from it sounds really trebly to me. The DCs can do brutal metal, classick rock, blues, and even jazz with the right guitar. They're really wonderful.