We are an enthusiastic 22yr old guitarist living in North London (Highbury & Islington/Caledonian Road), and a 23yr old drummer who will shortly live in the same area, who are looking to collaborate with similar minded musicians to make decent music without an agenda - we simply want to make quality songs.

We are looking to start a band and are looking for a male singer and bass player to join us. Down the line we would be looking for a second guitarist in the band - if you are a vocalist that can play guitar then bonus! If not, no worries, we'd recruite a separate one.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS - we are not looking to join an already well established band. Replies boasting of record deals and producers will not sway me on this.
Also, if you are a pop/folk/chilled out/indie singer, please don't contact me. Don't want to be rude, but that's not want we're looking for.

I (the guitarist) play guitar mainly, but also bass and a little bit of keyboards.

We both have a very wide taste in music, but want to make songs that are layered with melodies and harmonies to create a full sound, while utilising the almost redundant "riff" that is missing from most mainstream songs now.

Primary influences include Fightstar, Saosin, Three Days Grace, We Are The Ocean, The Juliana Theory, Hundred Reasons (not latest album), Deftones, Blindside, Finch...

If you are interested in a similar sort of thing, give me an e-mail at jonathanharris247@hotmail.com and we can see if we can sort something out.


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