I just got a Media Test Failure on my laptop, I have no idea what to really do. But after venturing enough on google, I found out that just removing my hard drive and putting it back might help.

If I remove my hard drive and put it back, will I lose data at all?

Also, if anyone has had this problem and knows how to fix it, it would be apreciated.
You won't lose any data.
Don't listen to these guys!!!!! You'll lose all your data! I've done it and lost months of work!!!!!

Actually no...you won't lose any data.

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You won't lose any data.
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You will lse data, if you misplace the hard drive and never see it again, or if it gets abducted by aliens. Or take it with you for an MRI scan.
Otherwise, it'll be fine.
You won't lose any data.
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You won't lose data, similarly to the way a USB pen drive won't lose data when you unplug it from your computer.