Finally selling my Ibanez prestige custom:

Made in japan, prestige neck, it has a Lo pro bridge, called one of ibanez's best floyd roses. The pickup is an Dimarzio evolution. The body is airbrushed by a local artist. Comes with a matching airbrushed guitar strap, matching picks, and a hardshell case (I have an ibanez brand gig bag if you prefer that instead). I am willing to change the pickup to another kind if you prefer. The first knob is a "push pull" controlling if the pickup is in series or parrallel, the second knob is tone. 1300$ shipped or best offer.

Here are some pics.

Lowering price to $1,200 shipped.

Also: After the advice from the person above =p, I took some more pics:

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Put some strings on it man.

Why? Are you interested?
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unique guitar finish though
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