Hey. I have been playing for some years now, and im teaching from a teacher too, but mostly he is just giving me new song for each week, so when im done with these song, i just sit playing things i have played before and just playing some notes. I need help to find out what to practise.
I just started learning scales now, and i really suck on speed, so it would be nice if some could post some tips what and how to practise

Ty, and sorry my english
ask your teacher for guitar exercises if you want to work on your speed, this just means that your fingers arent strong enough or agile enough for the speed

a final kinda note, practice your left and right hands, pointless being able to move your fretboard hand really fast if your picking hand cant keep up

and i can put together the general meaning of your english so its not that bad lol
Thanks for the fast answer. I would be nice if someone could set up a practise schedule or w/e, because i think i just waste time sitting just playing ****. I need to give some aims.
do a simple scale with a metronome (alternate pick) and speed it up slowly...till you can shred....dont use any gain..to hear mistakes
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look up John Petrucci's Rock Discipline up on you tube and use some of those exercises. I use a few of them when I practice.
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so now i got enough things for practise speed, what else should i practise?