So I was looking on the beginner song programm and I came across Run to the Hills. The intro is this

For me Isimply cant bend the bstring on the 15th fret enough to make it sound as high as the 17th fret. Any tips?
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That's just something you're gonna have to practice on. It's hard at first, but, once you get the hang of it, it'll be pretty easy. ^_^

Good luck with that. I love "Run To The Hills."

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You just gotta practice at it. Play the note at the seventeenth fret (unbent o'course) and be like "THIS IS MAH NOTE!" Then just bend as far as you can (from the fifteenth) until you get to (or close to) that pitch. It'll hurt at first, but you gotta keep going. Take breaks if you need to, play something else for a while and THEN go back to that exercise. It's a decent beginning ear-training exercie too.
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You can use two fingers. I personally almost always use both my middle and ring fingers to bend. It gives you more control.
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You can even use three, if it's practical for your tempo. Just fret the 15 with your annulus, and bend with the middulus and index.

well, I guess you couldn't fret the 12 then, could you?

okay, just use two.
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The 17th on the B is the same note as the 12th on the High E so it should sound the same on both strings. For me I have to bend it up to the D (and beyond) to get it but I use my middle and ring fingers to bend it.

The gauge of the strings will affect the difficulty in bending. If you try this on an acoustic it would be quite tough.
I keep a finger to each fret and push up with them all. Do it without trying to hit the 12th on the highest string to get the hang of it then go from there.
Ok thanks guys this helps
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The Run To The Hills intro is actually quite tricky, particularly if you do it with unison bends. Best advice I can give you is to leave it for a month or two, you'll find it easier if you come back to it when your fingers are a bit stronger and a bit more nimble.
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