How much would a 5 month old mint conditon VOX AD30VT be worth? I have a guy who wants to but it, but i dont know howmuch its worth selling for. It is mint condition, everything works like new. You wouldnt know it was used unless i told oyu. Its never been giged or mistreated, never maxed out. So how much would this be worth selling for?
you know mint condition usually means never removed from packaging??

i think you mean near-mint, if you say mint people will be expecting it to be brand new in original packaging, so you could get in trouble for false description
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* If something is in mint condition, it is in perfect condition.

nope just means no scratches dents or nothing. Sell for $180
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If it's in new condition, don't sell yourself short. The suggested retail is $350 and Musician's Friend sells it for $250 with free shipping.

Convince the potential buyer it's in new condition and start at $225 and go to $200 firm if they hem and haw about it.

I had the same amp a while back, owned it for over a year and it had a couple nicks and scratches besides being dusty. I sold it for $150 straight up because I needed the cash. You should be able to get more for better condition.
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