Good for metal?
Bullet for my valentine, slipknot, any metalcore to heavy metal stuff.
And would it sound ok with a Boss GT-8 put through it?
By the way, my guitar is a jackson warrior.
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yes. maybe a pedal to go with it for the really heavy stuff.

Do you know from personal experience?
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Id definately get a dist. pedal with that. It should sound fine.

Is a Boss GT-8 ok?
yeah i have the GT-8 already.. and im thinkin i need a 212 coz i only have my crappy 10 watt practice amp.. i kinda did it in the wrong order and bought the pedal before the amp lol
ok, then you don't need a 212. the 112 will be more than sufficiant.

The 212 is 100 watts bro and pretty much overkill. A 30 watt or even 15 watt amp can get loud as snot and well over a drummer.

The only time a 212 combo makes sense (i'm talking valveking here) is if you need 100 watts, you need more air to be pushed, or you need more 'cab out' options. I don't think you need any of those plus the 212 is 65 lbs.
yea +1 to the 112 idea.
100 watts tube is overkill
and the GT-8 is a great processor, and i can say this from personal experience. i have one

i know my amp is a MG but i have tried the Gt-8 on a marshall AVT, Vox AD, and a Crate V16. sounds great especially if you tweak the EQ settings alot.
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nice one.

Vista... nice one . TS if you're not using all the effects in the GT-8 might I suggest selling and getting a used pedal or two? ie OD and Chorus. A Bad Monkey in front of the VK will definitely push it into more metal territory. But the 112 should do you fine unless you really need the headroom of 100W tube, which I doubt.
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Vista... nice one .

Lol don't have a clue do you?
I would say it's possible, but there's a lot better out there.
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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Lol don't have a clue do you?
I would say it's possible, but there's a lot better out there.
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vista is nice. as long as you have a good computer to run it of course. so many people complain about it cause their crappy 5 year old dell can't run it. here is an idea, why don't you make your computer faster
Haha :P thanks to everyone who has helped to answer my question. Its really useful knowing that i dont need the 212 and can just get the 112.

And big Lol to everyone who started discussing windows vista in my thread :P I have vista and have never had a problem.

thanks again all.
yes it will do metal but you need to change the speaker and the tubes in it!
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i don't think the speaker/tube swap is necessariy to do metal but certainly wouldn't hurt.

you would almost have enough savings by going with 112 to get your upgrades too, or just wait and do it later.

oh, and i have Vista too and have had no problems *knocks on wood* but it came loaded with laptop so big difference there.
Its definitely possible, though I won't say it's the best amp out there for modern high gain uber brootlz death metal. It can do it, but it isn't the best on the planet. Look at my demo and you'll see the extent of the VK 112s natural distortion range and get an idea if it will be enough for what your doing. You can always push it with an overdrive pedal, which I will record eventually.

The 212 is a bit of overkill, as well- the 112 is loud enough for pretty much any situation you may need.