Poll: Motley Crue Song??
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Dr. Feelgood
2 13%
Shout At The Devil
0 0%
Kick Start My Heart
7 44%
Ten Seconds To Love
2 13%
Home Sweet Home
3 19%
Too Fast For Love
0 0%
Without You
0 0%
Don't Go Away Mad
0 0%
If I Die Tomorrow
0 0%
Saints of Los Angeles
2 13%
Voters: 16.
live wire is a classic.
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Looks that Kill is one of my favorites, and has one of Micks best leads by far. Kickstart my Heart is a close second, but the bridge kept it being my fav.
How could you make that poll without Girls, Girls, Girls?

I voted Kickstart My Heart though.
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No Girls, Girls, Girls? All in the name of? Kickstart My Heart ftw.
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On With The Show (live) and Sick Love Song are my favorite songs by them...
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Which one is better?
i'm a big fan of rock 'n' roll junkie and she needs rock and roll

but it's gotta be girls girls girls hasn't it