Hi. i was wondering if any of you guys ever had any of these bad days. There are days when i wake up bad and everything goes wrong. I pick up my guitar and my fingers are all stiff and it feels like everything i play on the guitar sounds strainfull and poor and i'd think - maybe i should just warm up an hour or so - but it stays the same, even the easiest things sound crap, like chords. Often(not always) on these sort of days, i dont only have that with guitar. Everything i do is crap. I suck at opening food packaging and opening fruit. I also can't win a game of warcraft 3 online even if i played a hundred, while on other days i feel good and dont stop winning, or with guitar i get this feeling that i could play on for hours and im really enjoying it.

anyway, does anybody else get this and what do you do when you get it. i usually stay in bed the whole day watching tv
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If I ever had a day like that, I'd suck it up and get on with my day.
But since my days are uniformly f*cking awesome(just like me), I never have to.
Sounds like standard lethargy...
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its just an off day. everyone has them, some just have more than others. its really a mental thing. either suck it up and finish the day (sorry to sound harsh) or work through it.
not really..... Coffee>>

haha i used to have 71-0 solo on warcraft 3. Too bad i found life
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I have off days on guitar sometimes.. but my life doesn't suck so much that I suck at Warcraft
As far as guitar goes, when I have an off day like that, I just practice random things like seeing how fast I can do a scale, I don't try to play any songs. You'll just mess up and discourage yourself
the best way to make it go away is not stress about it, the reason those days happen is dissatisfaction or stress, stress attracts stress and feelings of "not good enough" attract more not good enough to your life.

my advice is to chill out, forget about it, do something else be happy about whatever else youre gonna do.
just remember to chill out whenever you can in life, its easy if you make it easy bud

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