So, my first gig is today, at a local indie record store that has weekly in store bands, but because I have a friend that works there, I am preforming an acoustic solo cover set (4-5 songs). I was nervous at first, but I'm really excited to go. The people working there are generally nice anyway. The songs I'm playing are
1. Together- The Raconteurs
2. A Cautionary Song- The Decemberists
3. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (Part 1)- The Flaming Lips
4. All I Want is You- Barry Louis Polisar

So, pit, how were your first gig experiences, either with a band or solo?
With a band.. And it was pathetic.
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with a band at a carnival, not bad but are set got cut short and the guitarist was way too quiet, plus my sister taped over the video of it.
haha it was at my uncles house... wedding... it was "cute" according to everybody who watched... we sucked so bad lol
i used to play in a pop-punk band, and when we had our first gig it was the first gig for every member of the band.
we did a synchronized little hop thing for every chrous.
it was horrendous..
good thing ive moved onto heavier music =]


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Does a school talent show count as a gig?

Well that was the first time my band played in front of many people. Probably around 200 people were there.

We just played 1 song. It went well, we were in sync, but the vocalists mic was low and the bass was too low.
My first show was at my high school graduation, class of 07. It went well aside from 2 little flub ups. We did an original instrumental song, the first bar was just played by 1 guitarist and he flubed it up a little and then one of the other guitar plays stopped the chorus a little early but it was hardly noticeable. Pretty understandable though because our gear was set up horribly and it was hard to hear each other. Had a blast though.

Best of luck, remember if u mess up a little just pretend like you meant to do it haha also nice set list.
At my first gig, everything was good, except our singer. We played a fundraiser, and he screwed up the lyrics to every song. To close our set we were going to do "Raining Blood" instrumental, and as he walked off stage he said.

"Hope you guys all enjoyed us, to end the night, they will play RAISING Blood by Slayer"

We dropped him as our singer after that.
It was at an Open Mic type thing, we were aloud one song, so we covered Highway to Hell - AC/DC and got a standing ovation although most people were standinf, the people who were sitting stood and applauded, it was cool, and since then the gig quality has gone downhill, strange eh? Although, we had a gig in a local bar with 3 othe bands, and we got an encore, that was epic.
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mine was just last monday!

played snow by the chili peppers with sum peepl from my music class. went alright but the amp was stupid and went quiet and put distortion on by itself.
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