bought me d'Addario PlanetWaves cable - a year ago; now i have bought a new one of the very same brand, but it is a shock to me to finally find out: how crap the cabel i bought one year ago sounds now when compared to a new one!! so, here's a question: if the quality of a cable depends mostly on - how new, the cable in question, is, rather than - how expensive it is ??...
depends also on how careful you are with your cables. The metal portion of the jack, despite its metalness, it isa very sensitive to shock, so don't drop your cables jack firsat into the ground, or the insulation will suffer.
also, it may have some corrosion. Cleaning it will usually restore it to like-new sound.
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Cables can only be stepped on so many times, unplugged so many hundreds of times. Just the nature of the beast.

still, i stay shocked by the very fact of how enormously the overall sound depends on cable's quality...