I bought this small boom box type thing at a garage sale a few years back.
A year ago, give or take. I switched out the speakers it had with larger ones. And it heldnup just fine. I keep it in my bathroom because I like to listen to music while I shower and also I can slide it in front of the door and it's in such a way so that I can hear it through out the whole house. Having it in the bathroom has never seemed to be a factor against the system.

NOTE: I used it yesterday while showering and didn't have a problem

Today, I get up and go to shower. I turn on the stereo. Press "tape" and press the play button, I plug in my ipod to the ipod tape player I have in it, and I get no sound comming from the speakers. I think, strange. As I looked behind the unit, I see there is water trickeling down the back of the left speaker (the one closest to the door and sits somewhat under the towel rack).
So I lift up the unit and there's water all over the top and bottom of the speaker. Note, nothing else was wet except for the bottom of the stereo unit.

I tried louder songs on my ipod, the radio, and various cd's while turning my stereo up al,l, the way. I even tried plugging headphones in and I managed to get a small bit of sound out of the headphones and when I put my ear up to both of the speakers I get, again, a small bit of sound.
SO I've concluded that the stereo is the problem. I dunno. It's weird cause it wasn't even all that wet.

So what I'm asking is is it time for a new stereo?
What could have gone wrong for it to do this? (barely any sound comming out of the speakers and headphones)

Thanks for any and all constructive responses.
(I'll be back after I take my shower)

If I need to clarify anything, just let me know.
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Well im sure condensation probably got into the system if you are using it in the bathroom while you shower. All that steam could easily sneak its way through cracks and such.
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