well, this is an amp very similar to the one i'm using right now. mine is just a bit older. it is very basic but it works with no problems besides it being extremely basic. at the moment, i'm only using my amp to practice in my bedroom but i am considering making/joining a band. another reason i think i should get a 30w amp instead of a 15w

so do you think i should get a new, better amp? these are the two i was looking at when i went to guitar center today (didn't buy anything, just went to look).

this is one that i was looking at because a friend of mine recomended it. i like it because it looks like you can play backing tracks through it and it seems to have a wide variety of settings.

this is the other one i was looking at. i like it because it seems to have a wide variety of settings and it isn't digital (won't break as easy/easier to fix i guess).

i'm very uninteligent (spelling? lol) about amps so i want to get a lot of peopls apinions before i spend my hard earned money. if it makes a difference, i play with a jackson dinky and a wah pedal on occasion. i am a bedroom guitarist and considering being in a band. if you recomend any others (besides a cube, my guitar center didn't have many cubes in stock) then please show your preferance. thanks for the help
Like everyone is going to say, get a valve amp!

If you are going to be in a band and gigging, you may as well get a 30w valve, or if you know you are going to stay in your bedroom, maybe a 5w like a Epiphone VJ.
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For bedroom practice, if there are no problems, the amp you have is fine, but for starting/joining a band, I would reccomend getting a bigger one... out of the three, I reccomend the Fender, (And I dont even like Fender) but its a lot to pay for a 15 W. You can get the Roland cube 15 for $99 and the 20W for only $175
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Well from your choice of guitar I assume you play high gain stuff?
I would suggest a cube 60 for a modeller - your GC will get one in if you ask for it. If you want to spend a little more take a look at the Randall RG50TC - Both of those amps will be alright in a band situation. How much do you have to spend and are you willing to go used?
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Don't get a Valve Junior, it won't keep up with a band and has no tone-shaping controls. These things can be good for quiet practice/recording, but I'd recommend a Blackheart or a Vox AD50VT. Basically, Blackheart amps are Class A all-tube, without any onboard effects. The Vox still has nice tone, but is also part digital (that dummy preamp 12AX7 really doesn't affect your tone much, but it gives a warmer tone than most modeling amps).
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really would help to know what you play and a budget.
out of the two you have posted i'd say go for the valvetronix.
the link below is what i would recommend checking out it's a little more, but it's all tube and it would probably be big enough to gig with.
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well, my budget is around 250-325 (or cheaper lol) i'd prefer not to go much above 325. and my style is a lot of pentatonic improv type soloing with high gain but i also like to play stuff like joe satriani (just about all his stuff i like). and as i said, i was just considering being in a band. dunno if i am or not but my friend who plays drums suggested it one day when i was just chillin' over at his house. my brother also wanted to sing while i played guitar but he goes back to college at the end of the summer.

i guess what i'm going to stay with my current amp and if i ever join a band, ill buy a new one.

just another question i have: what is reverb? in the EQ settings list, it has reverb as one of the settings which i don't see on my amp.
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reverb is the sound you get when you are like in a big room, the sound 'bouncing' of the walls
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