when my band plays, all our amps get major feedback and we think it is because of the drumset. has anyone else had this problem? it only happens when we play with the drums.

(we didnt know were to post this so we just posted it in here)
How can you get feedback from the drums??

There is a chance that you could be getting the vibrations through your p/ups that circulate through the amp in a sort of circuit...
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lol, why would playing the drums make a difference?

Is it an electronic set?
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turn the amps and gain down and face away from your amps with your guitars

It's not the drumset's fault, leave him alone, he already has a low self esteem.
It's either the snare drum, or it's your cable. If all else fails, get a new cable.

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Sometimes, drums can 'ring' which can easily be picked up by a microphone if the mic is too close.
An easy remedy is to set the gear up as you normaly have it, have the drummer go around his kit playing one drum at a time until you find which drum is ringing, then, if you know how to tune a drum, re-tune it until the ringing stops.
Or, even easier, stick folded up, thick pieces of tissue paper to the skins to dampen them, like this;

This should also stop drums from ringing.
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