i think i worded that right.

anyway that part im talking about is the screws that hold to plate were the springs O side and go into the body.

i just got done tuneing my 7 string and went to adjust the screws for the guages i was useing and they striped and one came out. so now i have to drill the wholes out and put the dowles in and blaw blaw blaw you know the deal.

my question is:
do i need to use a certant type of screw/bolt when i re-install my floyd?
you dont have to drill new holes...just stick a wooden toothpick in the hole then put the screw in.
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Way better off to it the right way as its a 7 string and has alot of tension on the screws holding the claw. If just the one stripped out you can potentially go to a larger longer size screw and just do both this way. Less work than dowels and less chance of the toothpick trick failing.