I'm finding that my hammer ons and pull offs usually sound very dead. They're not loud enough, being the biggest problem. I heard it's because I'm not hitting the string at the right angle for a hammer on and pull offs, I don't have any clue what could make them sound cleaner. Any general tips?
Just practice, and see if your hitting the strings hard enough and pullin off enough
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but really, try hitting the strings right behind the frets on a hammeron and pulling straight up on a pulloff. you dont need to hit it too hard either, thats a common mistake. dont get in the habit of using your pick though.
put abit of overdrive/ distortion on the amp, or if it's clean make sure it's pretty loud. i find that hammering on anywhere from the center to just behind the fret works, pulling off is diffrent though, i think it works best when your pretty much dead on the fret.

just practice and see what work's for you, listen to some track's that you know have hammer on and pull off's and try to get the sound, just find your own way of creating that sound
When you pull off, kind of catch the string a bit so it rings out clearly.
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What guitar and amp do you have?

Does that have anything to do with this? Maybe if he has a defective amp but i doubt thats the case, he just has to practice..
Well with my amp you cant really hear them too clearly if its low. If i put the volume at about 11 o' clock or higher they should just like regular picked notes.Hope that helps!
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Well with my amp you cant really hear them too clearly if its low.

are you strumming the string before the hammer on/pull off?

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If your guitar's intonation is off, or if the neck is slightly warped, you'll get some dead notes that sound weak - could that be the problem?
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your probably not pressing hard enough its called a hammer on for a reason if the harder you do it the louder it should sound and you should do it hard enough that its a sounds as if you picked it.

ifs its not that than its the amp or pickup or maybe the action if its too high or low it can make it hard to hammer on and pull off