I have not been to the movies in a few weeks, and i'm in need of a good scary movie.

If you have seen both movies, which one was scarier? Which one was overall better in your opinion?

If you have seen one of the two, did you like the movie? was it scary?
the strangers is gay. and lame nor scary. I call it a comedy The happening looks boring as hell. so dont go to the movies for these lame movies
The strangers was a fcuked up scarry movie
Happening is a pointless movie I left half way the movie I so tried from it!

See the strangers you`ll wet your pants
Yea, don't see the Happening. So completely pointless.

And the Strangers looked better, but I haven't seen it yet.
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I've seen The Strangers and thought it was really awesome. I want to see The Happening soon.
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I've seen both of them. The Strangers was not scary at all. All it does is have a few quasi-jump moments that are completely predictable because of the ambient noise build up soundtrack. The acting was horrible and there's like no blood at all.

The Happening was worse. It had the most ****ing retarded plot twist ever.
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Don't listen to people about The Happening. Go see it. Its a B movie flavored impressionist piece. The 'bad acting' is part of it. It all works towards making the subject matter scenes more dark.
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