And I'm starting out like a complete noob.

Alright, so I've been considering getting a guitar for a good long time, and I've finally gotten a budget of around $400 ($500 if I REALLY fall in love) to get started. My main goal is to be able to learn classical guitar with some guitar tapping and percussive elements. I've been looking for an acoustic-electric simply because my brother said you had to in order to do guitar tapping and such.

Why did I listen to my brother? I don't know. He knows less about guitars than I do.

So anyway, I finally found my favorite acoustic-electric, but it just hit me - How do I even know if I need an acoustic electric?

For reference, here's the beautiful acoustic-electric I have so fallen in love with.

Ibanez AEL20E

I'd be taken home the blue.

What exactly are the pros to acoustic-electrics if you don't plan on planning live shows? Are there ANY pros? Can you make it sound both electric and acoustic? Or is it pretty much just a loud acoustic with a nice tuner? If I use an acoustic amp does it sound acostic and an electric amp it sounds electric? I know you use acoustic strings.

It comes down to this - I want classical guitar with guitar tapping, but it would be awesome if I could sound electric at times. Should I just stick with acoustic?

Thanks for your time.
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It will always sound like an acoustic, because it is an acoustic. If you don't want to gig, I don't know why you'd need an electro-acoustic.
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I suggest something more like that just because its made especially for Classical Guitar playing. And also its Acoustic-Electric. I dont know if that is a high quality guitar but thats just a general idea of the guitar you should probably lean towards.
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You can plug it in and use an electric amp with pedals and such just like any other electric guitar, however you won't really be able to play it like an electric because you won't have the fret/pitch range of an electric, nor will you be able to bend the strings like one. I say get the regular acoustic for a cheaper price and then add a pickup if you want to later. You can even make your own piezo pickup that sounds great for next to nothing.
acoustic electric is *usually* quieter than a dreadknought guitar, you could probably get a nicer acoustic than acousitc-electric for the money though. Just play em, see how they sound
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Thanks, both of you. The hard part now is letting go of that Ibanez I've been looking at for so long. But if it isn't right for me than it isn't right. Back on the search it is.
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damn THAT is one nice guitar!!

I thought so, too. Too bad it isn't what I need