I just got the Prophesy Dos a couple days ago, and Im still working my way through the manual.

But I see no emtpy preset spaces. It appears to me that if I wanna save my own preset I have to overwrite one of the originals?

Anyone have expierence with this beast?
I have Prophesy II since 2006. Awsome preamp multi effect unit. But it have some flaws. This is one of them. The only thing you can do is overwrite some original presets. Some of them are not so good as others so this is no major problem.
If either of you guys don't mind would one of you mind post a sound clip of you own high gain lead and rythme tones? I'd really like to compare it to my Pod X3 and see how the Pod fairs.
Ah I never knew that... I was getting one sometime within the near future for studio work, and maybe live, just for the fx really.

How are the fx anyway? are they out of this world or just decent?