Hey everyone,

We made a few recordings. Check them out here.


The quality is a bit off, sorry about that. Thats the best we could come up with. And mixing wasn't done really well either.

We are called Mephistopheles. And yeah, we are from India.

So, C4C. Give us any comments or suggestions or anything at all. Thanks a lot! Cheers.

Edit: Guys, Listen to Word Of Mephi and Revenge. They are the best produced songs. So, they shouldn't be too painful to hear.
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theres another called demonic resurrection but ive never heard any clear studio recordings of them
Yeah, there are plenty of metal bands in India. Even though metal music itself isn't really popular. So, its very hard for metal and rock bands to get signed to a label and to record in a studio and all.
I like the music, the guitars and the background sounds were very good but I cannot stand screaming type vocals, your lead mans (or at least I hope thats a man) voice was horrible to hear i'm sorry to say, if you had an actual singer you'd be very good.
Thanks for the crit. And yeah, even though his vocals aren't really clean or anything we wanted it that way, so its alright I suppose. .. And we couldn't really record the vocals properly coz the facilities in the studios and everything suck bad in my town. We also have a guy who can do clean vocals but we just couldn't record and mix two vocal tracks properly. So, maybe when we get to a real studio we'll do it. Thanks for the comments man. Cheers!

It is good to see my fellow countrymen playing the metal!

(Yea I'm indian too)

The riffs were cool, I think you should turn up the guitars a little, since they're a bit quiet. Did you use a phaser on dethroned emperor?

The vocals were ok overall, not too bad. I think they were too echo-y, that's about it. I like the intro on SatNS Doom.

gj, keep up the good work.

Here's a link to mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=884861

Please crit when you get the chance. Thanks
Vocalist was decent in some parts, but atrocious in others. He had some very good growls. Production is pretty bad as you have noted, and im sure can be tidied up quite a bit. It sounds like you guys recorded all instruments at once(bad move). But the songs were pretty sweet. I liked the wandering leads, and in parts they sounded perfectly mixed. Drumming was much to quiet in the mix but they seemed to stay on time.

Not bad songs man, just try to tidy up the quality.

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Yeah, Deathroned Emperor is a CF song. .. Thanks for the crit people. We dont really have that good pedals or anything, so, some noise always creeps in when we record the guitars. And like I said, we will improve on the quality when we get to a better studio. We're sending this demo to some people in larger cities than the one I live in (and hopefully with better equipment). So, this is just a start.

And I'll ask my guitarist what effects he used for that song. (I am the bassist).

Will work on the quality too. Thanks a lot people! Cheers!!
Try listening to Word of Mephi or Revenge. They are little better mixed than the other tracks. Not much difference mind you. But Revenge doesn't have any vocals.
^ Thanks a lot for the comments man! I checked out your songs too. They were Awesome!!

Oh, and that wasn't a phaser, in Deathroned Emperor. It was just noise, I am guessing.
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