This is for people that don't yet have a guitar, but are still interested enough to be active on UG. I mean, I'm getting a guitar soon so I thought I might as well become involved with the community. Also, I'm personally a drummer right now just looking to learn another instrument cause I just enjoy music so much (but always drumming first honestly ). So go nuts and post your story, the future guitarists of the world.
The advice on these forums isn't good 90% of the time because you have to make the final decision. Good luck though.
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What are you gonna do if I'm a guitarist and post here anyway?

haha thats something he probally didnt think of
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every time I see your username I press F8 out of curiosity then I have to give myself a big ol' facepalm

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What the hell? F8 doesn't do anything interesting This toy is lame

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I can have a beer later, I need to level Charmeleon NOW!
*resists urge to make drummer joke*
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Holy crap! A drummer that can type!!!

(I kid, I kid)

Try to ignore these guys and you might enjoy UG at some point later in time.
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It's our little online utopia where we smoke with folks from the far corners of the world and say things like "I'm high, heheehehe."

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Thoughts about new naked airport scanner?

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brb applying for job at airport