On a scale of 1 to 10, what does an error message saying 'Operating System not Found' rate?
10 being the worst, of course.

Any suggestions on what I can do that won't require much money?
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For some reason it loaded when I restarted the computer. It's done this twice today, and I'm thinking the computers screwed.
Download an operating system? Go out and buy Vista.

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did your computer come with a backup disk or the OS on a disk?
you should probably reload it
i dunno whats wrong with your computer though
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Well I would give it a 9.7. There are worse error messages- like for example the beeps that occur when your monitor or keyboard is not plugged in. Now THAT would be an EPIC failure.

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about a 9

mine was worse

"hard disk not found"

I got owned so bad that I didn't have a hard drive

Happened to me
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@sysdown27: If it does, my dad would be the one who knows where it is. I have no clue otherwise.

@InvaderTSN: I figured as much.
What I consider possible, but I'm not sure and in no way an expert, is that your BIOS is set to try to boot from a cd before trying to do so from the hard drive. Maybe the cd in your drive gives your pc the impression that it can boot from it, but has actually no OS, explaining the error. If so, you'll just have to change the first boot device in your BIOS from 'cd' to something like 'C:' or 'HDD-0'. Otherwise I have no idea.
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@sysdown27: If it does, my dad would be the one who knows where it is. I have no clue otherwise.

@InvaderTSN: I figured as much.

To be honest, I had no idea what you were talking about.
Sounds like someone needs to reinstall their OS. Maybe try restarting actually that might work. IF you are booting off a CD your BIOS needs to be configured to boot the OS off the hard drive.
@InvaderTSN: Wow. I'm pretty sure you just made my day.

@TheQuailman: That sounds like it would work, but (If I understand the gist of what you said, I'm not much on computers myself.) I don't have a CD in the drive.
Check your IDE cables and boot settings. If not then try downloading and burning a Linux Distro (I recommend Ubuntu) to a CD and see if you can find your Windows (most likely a NTFS or FAT32 partition).
If you can't find anything you can try to live with Linux or get hold of a Windows disc.
XP if you are to lazy to do anything or your computer isn't up to date, Vista if you can be bothered with tweaking and your computer is up to date.
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Alright, well, I'll have to wait until my parents get home before I can do that. Thanks for the help everyone.