I picked up a used DIGITECH RP200A FOR 99$ at my local music store. do you still prefer individual pedals? I used to have a metal master and a dyno compressor. the digitech sounds good through my fender amp. Ihave a esp ltd 200mv right now. My lotus les paul is in the shop awaiting a upgrade in the neck position. It has a dimarzio super 2 in the bridge position. i can't make up my mind what brand to put in the neck position. dimarzio DP 165 SOUNDS GOOD . WHAT IF I PUT A SEMOUR DUNCAN PEARLY GATES NECK PICK-UP IN ? Can you put a different name brand pick-up in without giving up sound quality? sorry for the 2 different questions , any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks Jim
A little of Topic but I think the RP200's are the older models and you can get them new for less than $99. You could of picked up one of the newer models brand new for that price
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you can put different brands in your guitar, it will not make a difference.
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Dude, what is your thread about? Pickups? Very confusing to read and understand.

Possibly delete this one and start over with a Pick up question for an ESP so you get better answers.

And not to burst your bubble but the new RP line (ie a 250) is much better than that 200 so take it back if you can.

And what Fender amp do you have?