Hey guys, quick question here. I've used the search bar but I haven't found what I wanted.

Anyway, I'm trying to record a good ska guitar tone. I'm looking for a 2-tone Specials type of sound. Right now the guitar just sounds really trebly and obnoxious. I'm looking to make it fatter and less choppy. I've tried cutting the treble and boosting mids but it's still not working for me.

I'm not using full barre chords, I'm using "half" barres on the top 4 strings. I don't like full barres for ska because they add too much bass. I'm playing on an Epiphone Dot semi-hollow. I'm recording directly through a Line 6 Toneport, so if you know any good settings for it please let me know.

So just suggestions on what EQ, effects, etc. to use to get that 2-tone guitar sound would be much appreciated.

Get a compressor pedal (i use the boss CS-3), and that will do WONDERS for a ska style. It'll give you a really nice and tight sound.
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