I'm new and I was wondering if you guys had any tips on how to strum power chords upwards. I can hit them going down but when I try to hit it coming up I hit the first string an completely miss the next strings. thanks
Hit all the strings and mute the ones you don't want to sound with your index finger and middle finger.
Basicly there's only 3 things you need to know:


That's pretty much it. Just keep working at it until it sounds like you want it to.
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My advice would be so slow down your power chords until you can hit all the strings, even if it sounds like notes instead of a chord. Then after you practice that awhile it should just become second nature and you should be able to increase your speed.
all of above

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What I learned is to lay your 1st finger (index) back LIGHTLY so it mutes out the strings, then you can strum all strings if you want but I still try to only hit the ones that I'm supposed too.

Still working on it myself, lol
thanks for the advice,

im kind of getting the hang of it doing the intro to "smells like teen spirit" using a metronome at 50 BPM.