Hello Bass Forum, Drew here.

I've got a p bass copy I bought from a pawnshop a few years ago. The electronics only worked for a day and I never bothered to fix them. I came across some $25 precision style pickups on stewmac. The bass needs a new pickguard too, so that'll be $50 total. The pickups are EMG Select. As far as I know, Select is to EMG as Duncan Designed is to Seymour Duncan. I was wondering what some of you with more pickup experience think about those EMG Selects. The bass itself isn't that great so I'm not going to invest too much money into it. I just want to get it working so I can have a bass to play in a rock band without worrying about damaging it. So do you think I should bother with $25 pickups? Let me know if you have any other pickups in mind, as long as they're not expensive and they're worth the extra money.

I'm willing to try different types of pickups as well, the p's just seemed to be the best option, and I can easily get a pickguard already cut for them. The body is definitely a precision copy, but it originally had lipstick tube pickups in it. I don't have a router, so I just planned on doing a lot of sanding. Is it crazy to sand 2 inches to fit in a p bass pickup? Do I have any other non-expensive options?

Thanks for your help.
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If i was you and i couldn't use a router, i would use a chisel to cut out the main trench and then sand to make it more even.

This would be a lot easier than just sanding down 2 inches of wood. You would probably just give up due ot all the blisters and boredom you will be experiancing otherwise.

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Do yourself a favor and get a Dremel. It'll be more cost-effective in the long run if you plan to do more guitar/bass mods.
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Ah, a chisel, right. Don't know why I didn't think of that.
Thank you.

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Which specific tool are you talking about? I found their website and they've got a lot of stuff. I'm not very knowledgable about tools. Thanks.
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What I've found with pickups is you get what you pay for. If you have the extra cash, go with a good set. They will work better, and plus, if you get a better bass later on down the road, you can put your good pickups in it
Thanks for your help guys. Let me redirect the thread a little bit.
Does anyone have any experience with EMG Select pickups? Or can you suggest any other pickups around that price ($25)?
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