Person 1. *picks a word or a name* *rearranges it into something that makes sense*
Person 2. *tries to guess what the hidden word/name is*

Once the word is found , the next anagram may be posted.
If it's a hard word/name make sure you add a hint

Ok I'll start:

Giannini La Poco

hint - a virtuoso that used to have massive sideburns
Poinciana Lingo
A Logician Pinon
A Lacing Opinion
A Coaling Pinion
A Niacin Looping
A Niacin Pooling
A Anionic Poling
A Anionic Loping
A Coal Pinioning
A Cola Pinioning
A Anion Policing
Poinciana Gin Lo
Poinciana Long I
Poinciana Log In
Poinciana Go Nil
Apical Gin Onion
Canola Opining I
Canola Piing Ion
Again Coil Pinon
Again Loci Pinon
Again Clip Onion
Angina Ionic Pol
Angina Ionic Lop
Alga Ionic Pinon
Alga Coin Pinion
Alga Icon Pinion
Gala Ionic Pinon
Gala Coin Pinion
Gala Icon Pinion
Analog Ionic Pin
Analog Ionic Nip
Pagan Ionic Loin
Pagan Ionic Lion
Lanai Coining Op
Anionic Along Pi
Anionic Anglo Pi
Anionic Gaol Pin
Anionic Pain Log
Anionic La Oping
Anionic Loan Pig
Anionic Opal Gin
Anionic Pa Lingo
Ciao Align Pinon
Ciao Loaning Pin
Ciao Loaning Nip
Ciao Planing Ion
Ciao Panning Oil
Ciao Loan Pining
Ciao Opal Inning
Ciao Anon Piling
Pica Ailing Noon
Pica Align Onion
Pica Loaning Ion
Pica Anion Lingo
Pica Anon Oiling
Lac Gain Opinion
Coal Paining Ion
Coal Gain Pinion
Coal Ani Opining
Coal Anion Piing
Cola Paining Ion
Cola Gain Pinion
Cola Ani Opining
Cola Anion Piing
Can Piano Oiling
Canon Ailing Poi
Canon Ilia Oping
Capon Ailing Ion
Capon Ani Oiling
Capo Alining Ion
Capo Nailing Ion
Cap Ailing Onion
Cap Anion Oiling
Ailing Anion Cop
Ailing Piano Con
Ailing Pain Coon
Alining Ani Coop
Alining Pain Coo
Nailing Ani Coop
Nailing Pain Coo
Paining Ail Coon
Paining Lain Coo
Paining Nail Coo
Paining Ani Loco
Paining Ani Cool
Align Piano Coin
Align Piano Icon
Loaning Pa Ionic
Panning Ilia Coo
Aping Anion Coil
Aping Anion Loci
Aping Loan Ionic
Along Pain Ionic
Anglo Pain Ionic
Gonna Pail Ionic
Ilia Anon Coping
Ail Anion Coping
Lain Ani Cooping
A Acing Lip Onion
A Caning Loin Poi
A Caning Lion Poi
A Caning Polio In
A Canning I Polio
A Canning Oil Poi
A Ail Coo Pinning
A Ail Coop Inning
A Lain Coining Op
A Lain Cooing Pin
A Lain Cooing Nip
A Lain Cooping In
A Lain Coping Ion
A Lain Cog Pinion
A Lain Coin Oping
A Lain Icon Oping
A Lain Coon Piing
A Lain Coo Pining
A Nail Coining Op
A Nail Cooing Pin
A Nail Cooing Nip
A Nail Cooping In
A Nail Coping Ion
A Nail Cog Pinion
A Nail Coin Oping
A Nail Icon Oping
A Nail Coon Piing
A Nail Coo Pining
A Plain Cooing In
A Lapin Cooing In
A Pail Icing Noon
A Pail Coining No
A Pail Coining On
A Pail Cooing Inn
A Pail Coo Inning
A Ani Policing No
A Ani Policing On
A Ani Coining Pol
A Ani Coining Lop
A Ani Cloning Poi
A Ani Cooling Pin
A Ani Cooling Nip
A Ani Logic Pinon
A Ani Cooping Nil
A Ani Coping Loin
A Ani Coping Lion
A Ani Clog Pinion
A Ani Coin Poling
A Ani Coin Loping
A Ani Icon Poling
A Ani Icon Loping
A Ani Colon Piing
A Ani Loco Pining
A Ani Cool Pining
A Ani Coon Piling
A Ani Coop Lining
A Anion Icing Pol
A Anion Icing Lop
A Anion Cling Poi
A Anion Logic Pin
A Anion Logic Nip
A Anion Coil Ping
A Anion Loci Ping
A Anion Pic Lingo
A Piano Cling Ion
A Piano Cloning I
A Piano Logic Inn
A Piano Coin Ling
A Piano Icon Ling
A Pain Coiling No
A Pain Coiling On
A Pain Icing Loon
A Pain Coining Lo
A Pain Cooling In
A Pain Cooing Nil
A Pain Ionic Long
A Pain Coin Lingo
A Pain Icon Lingo
A Pain Con Oiling
A Pain Coo Lining
A La Coin Opining
A La Icon Opining
A Loan Coining Pi
A Loan Ionic Ping
A Loan Coin Piing
A Loan Icon Piing
A Opal Coining In
A Pal Icing Onion
A Pal Coining Ion
A Lap Icing Onion
A Lap Coining Ion
A Alp Icing Onion
A Alp Coining Ion
A An Policing Ion
A An Logic Pinion
A An Ionic Poling
A An Ionic Loping
A An Coil Opining
A An Loci Opining
A Anon Coiling Pi
A Anon Policing I
A Anon Coil Piing
A Anon Loci Piing
A Anon Pic Oiling
A Nap Coiling Ion
A Nap Coining Oil
A Nap Ionic Lingo
A Nap Coin Oiling
A Nap Icon Oiling
A Pan Coiling Ion
A Pan Coining Oil
A Pan Ionic Lingo
A Pan Coin Oiling
A Pan Icon Oiling
A Pa Coining Loin
A Pa Coining Lion
Apical Gin I Noon
Apical Gin Ion No
Apical Gin Ion On
Apical Goon I Inn
Apical Go Inn Ion
Apical Goo In Inn
Canal Gin Ion Poi
Canal Oping I Ion
Canal Pig I Onion
Canal Go I Pinion
Canola Piing I No
Canola Piing I On
Canola Gin In Poi
Canola Gin Ion Pi
Canola Oping I In
Canola Ping I Ion
Canola Pig In Ion
Again Coil Inn Op
Again Coil Pin No
Again Coil Pin On
Again Coil Nip No
Again Coil Nip On
Again Loci Inn Op
Again Loci Pin No
Again Loci Pin On
Again Loci Nip No
Again Loci Nip On
Again Clip I Noon
Again Clip Ion No
Again Clip Ion On
Again Coin Nil Op
Again Coin Lip No
Again Coin Lip On
Again Coin In Pol
Again Coin In Lop
Again Coin Pin Lo
Again Coin Nip Lo
Again Icon Nil Op
Again Icon Lip No
Again Icon Lip On
Again Icon In Pol
Again Icon In Lop
Again Icon Pin Lo
Again Icon Nip Lo
Again Pic Loin No
Again Pic Loin On
Again Pic Lion No
Again Pic Lion On
Again Pic In Loon
Again Colon I Pin
Again Colon I Nip
Again Colon In Pi
Again Loco In Pin
Again Loco In Nip
Again Loco Inn Pi
Again Cool In Pin
Again Cool In Nip
Again Cool Inn Pi
Again Clop In Ion
Again Con Nil Poi
Again Con Loin Pi
Again Con Lion Pi
Again Con Oil Pin
Again Con Oil Nip
Again Con Lip Ion
Again Coon Nil Pi
Again Coon Lip In
Again Coo Nil Pin
Again Coo Nil Nip
Again Coo Lip Inn
Again Coop Nil In
Again Cop Nil Ion
Again Cop Loin In
Again Cop Lion In
Again Cop Oil Inn
Angina Coil In Op
Angina Coil Pi No
Angina Coil Pi On
Angina Loci In Op
Angina Loci Pi No
Angina Loci Pi On
Angina Coin I Pol
Angina Coin I Lop
Angina Coin Pi Lo
Angina Icon I Pol
Angina Icon I Lop
Angina Icon Pi Lo
Angina Pic I Loon
Angina Pic Oil No
Angina Pic Oil On
Angina Pic Ion Lo
Angina Colon I Pi
Angina Loco I Pin
Angina Loco I Nip
Angina Loco In Pi
Angina Cool I Pin
Angina Cool I Nip
Angina Cool In Pi
Angina Clop I Ion
Angina Con Oil Pi
Angina Coon I Lip
Angina Coo Nil Pi
Angina Coo Lip In
Angina Coop I Nil
Angina Cop I Loin
Angina Cop I Lion
Angina Cop Oil In
Alga Ionic Inn Op
Alga Ionic Pin No
Alga Ionic Pin On
Alga Ionic Nip No
Alga Ionic Nip On
Alga Coin I Pinon
Alga Coin Inn Poi
Alga Coin Ion Pin
Alga Coin Ion Nip
Alga Icon I Pinon
Alga Icon Inn Poi
Alga Icon Ion Pin
Alga Icon Ion Nip
Alga Pic In Onion
Alga Con I Pinion
Gala Ionic Inn Op
Gala Ionic Pin No
Gala Ionic Pin On
Gala Ionic Nip No
Gala Ionic Nip On
Gala Coin I Pinon
Gala Coin Inn Poi
Gala Coin Ion Pin
Gala Coin Ion Nip
Gala Icon I Pinon
Gala Icon Inn Poi
Gala Icon Ion Pin
Gala Icon Ion Nip
Gala Pic In Onion
Gala Con I Pinion
Analog Coin I Pin
Analog Coin I Nip
Analog Coin In Pi
Analog Icon I Pin
Analog Icon I Nip
Analog Icon In Pi
Analog Pic In Ion
Pagan Ionic In Lo
Pagan Coil In Ion
Pagan Loci In Ion
Pagan Coin I Loin
Pagan Coin I Lion
Pagan Coin Oil In
Pagan Icon I Loin
Pagan Icon I Lion
Pagan Icon Oil In
Lanai Icing No Op
Lanai Icing On Op
Lanai Coping I No
Lanai Coping I On
Lanai Cog I Pinon
Lanai Cog Inn Poi
Lanai Cog Ion Pin
Lanai Cog Ion Nip
Lanai Coin Gin Op
Lanai Coin Pig No
Lanai Coin Pig On
Lanai Coin Go Pin
Lanai Coin Go Nip
Lanai Icon Gin Op
Lanai Icon Pig No
Lanai Icon Pig On
Lanai Icon Go Pin
Lanai Icon Go Nip
Lanai Pic Goon In
Lanai Pic Goo Inn
Lanai Con Gin Poi
Lanai Con Oping I
Lanai Con Pig Ion
Lanai Coon Gin Pi
Lanai Coon Ping I
Lanai Coon Pig In
Lanai Coo Gin Pin
Lanai Coo Gin Nip
Lanai Coo Ping In
Lanai Coo Pig Inn
Lanai Coop Gin In
Lanai Cop Gin Ion
Anal Icing Ion Op
Anal Icing Poi No
Anal Icing Poi On
Anal Coining I Op
Anal Cooing I Pin
Anal Cooing I Nip
Anal Cooing In Pi
Anal Cooping I In
Anal Coping I Ion
Anal Cog I Pinion
Anal Ionic Gin Op
Anal Ionic Pig No
Anal Ionic Pig On
Anal Ionic Go Pin
Anal Ionic Go Nip
Anal Coin Gin Poi
Anal Coin Oping I
Anal Coin Pig Ion
Anal Icon Gin Poi
Anal Icon Oping I
Anal Icon Pig Ion
Anal Coon Piing I
Anal Coo Pining I
Anal Coo Piing In

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