I'll type as I listen..........

Disjointed... sounds like everybody has an IDEA of what they're supposed to do, but it just doesn't come together. I'd keep working.

4 out of 10
For what it is, "and not just because its one of my all time favorite blues tunes" I thought it was kind of cool, knowing of course its improv. Sounded like the Jimmy Page style and tone to me. Quality is fine. I think it would be perdy cool if you could do a somewhat note for note cover of the entire tune being it sounds as you already have the tone and the basics for/of the tune!
Anyway, you asked me what I think, its late, thats my story, and im sticking with it!.... Keep up the good work, Cool.
I definitely need to work on improv and everything.

Any pointers or anything of that sort?