Hi guys. I'm trying to buy my first real guitar, and I'm having a hard time here... First of all, I live in Argentina (south

america) and aint too much guitars to choose from. And second, the prices here are four times more expensive than USA.

It all comes down to this:
a brand new Epiphone SG G-400 (made in China - 6 months warranty) cost $1300-$1350
a USED Epiphone SG G-400 (made in Korea - NO warranty) cost $1000-$1200
a brand new Epiphone SG G-400 Limited Edition 1966 (made in ??? - 6 months warranty) cost $1300

FIRST: Well, the brand new G-400 made in china seem's a good choice, specially whit the 6 months warranty. But I've heard A LOT about the "China vs. Korea" thing, and I just can't draw my own conclussions. Exactly, ¿witch is better and WHY???

SECOND: I have 2 used G-400's "made in Korea" in sight. One from maybe 2003 (serial starts with I00...) and the other circa 1997 (serial starts with F97....) They both have a very, but very tiny small problem staying in tune; both have that green plastic tuners, not the Grover's. I mean, both guitars plays nice throwg the clean channel, but when you put some distortion, the harmonics tend to sound blurry and ugly because of that tunning issue. They don't sound "out of tune", but you can tell that something weird it's goin on. When you put the guitar throwg a digital-tuner, everything seems to be OK and in-tune, but the harmonics sound like one or two stringns are veeeeeeeery slightly out of tune. I can feel it in my ears, but I cant see it in the digital tunner. Some chords don't sound like a "solid block".

LAST: The Epiphone G-400 LE '66. I must say, I LOVE how this guitar looks. The big pickward and what not. But I've NEVER seen a real G-400 LE "face to face", I've only seen ONE picture. I've searching around this forum for pics, and what I found differs TOO MUCH from what I was going to buy... take a look a both pics. Epiphone uses EXACTLY the same body shape for both
the G-400 and the G-400 LE '66?? 'cause the LE '66 looks like an egg in the bottom, look, it seems a little too roundy.. and why the colors are too much different?? one is the classic G-400 cherry red (maybe a little darker), and the other is dark red. They look like two different guitars, even the shape of the body.

well, I hope you guys can help me in this one. I appreciate any wise help, thanks in advance....

this one is a G-400 LE '66, acording to his owner
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this one is the same as avobe, but now it looks more like heritage cherry red
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this is what they're trying to sold me... look at the body shape and the colour... it seems too dark here
iommi, miles above the rest of the epis on par with gibbos
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Go for the 66 Epiphone. But would never buy a epiphone for $1000.
I bought mine for $250. =]

I forgot, $1000 means $331 US dollars...