Today was a busy day.
Our band- The Bullet Affair-recorded out first song.
It's unfinished!!
We used a £3 microphone to record it lol
Drums and guitar were recorded live in one take
Our singer has no singing experience!
We are very amateur
Cut us some slack, we've never done it before!!
So could you listen?? Tell me if it's absolutely ****e (it's a work in progress)



(Myspace won't upload the mp3)

I have plenty BETTER instrumentals done, so we'll be working on those. This could be interesting to see how a band develops lol. Thanks!
Yeah that was pretty good.

Only thing is, and I bet you saw this coming...

Get your singer some experience/lessons, He has a really nice tone in most parts, but it all not quite there you know?

Hey for a band that calls themselves Amatures, your song writing is cool.

Yeah, it'll all come together in time, just don't get discouraged by anything, or for that matter, any bastards telling you you're ****, 'cause you not alright.