Probably by next weekend I'll be picking up a new amp and drum kit. I want to start recording but I'm not too sure where to start. By the end of the summer I will probably be picking a new laptop and use that for recording. I might need a new sound card for better quality.

Anyway, I have two questions generally. What hardware/equipment is best for recording? I found some tips like a minijack microphone:

Also, what software is highly recommended for recording? I have Fruity Loops but I've never really looked into to see if it was good for recording.
Cubase, Cakewalk, Protools,

Free ones:
Audicity, Reaper.
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you can also get a mixer with xlr mic inputs so you can mic things like the drums or even the amp. they make usb mixers that plug strait into your comp. you can get by with audacity since it's free. but of course there are others out there which are better but pricey.

audacity isn't that bad and it's really easy to use. gotta love it because it's free. i use a combo of audacity/sony acid/and cakewalk.

to answer your question about what's best... i'm not too sure; it's all about preference. i prefer to mic my fender pro jr. amp because i love the vintage tone especially when i add reverb. if you are recording like heavy distorted guitar sounds i would say an audio interface.