I was planning on getting an Engl e530 and running it with either a Peavey classic 50/50 or a Mesa 20/20. But I've been listening to as many soundclips and whatever as I can find and I'm thinking that I should have an alternative if it turns out that when I have the money for it, its not what I want.

I've had a look at recommendations on here and a lot of people seem to like the Rocktron stuff, but I'm not sure I want to do the whole digital thing. I just want a tube power amp (preferably under £400, but I can buy used) that can be used for metalcore, br00talz, shred0rz and some nice cleans. Looking at that description, it does seems like the Engl fits, but does anyone have any alternatives?

Thanks a lot.
if you could find it, get the Lee Jackson Perfect Connection GP-1000 Pre-amp
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Mesa 50/50

Not the new model, the older ones go cheap and are great value.

Where do they cheap? On the 'bay or something? I'm in the UK, so it might be a bit of a pain.

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if you could find it, get the Lee Jackson Perfect Connection GP-1000 Pre-amp

Isn't that the one Alexi Laiho uses?
I wouldn't really recommend the gp-1000 if you're after versatility. It's pretty much just a one tone monster.

The E530 though, is a pretty versatile little preamp. Also, look for a either a used Peavey Rockmaster or an ADA MP-1. Both are very nice preamps that can be had for cheaper than the ENGL. Plus the ADA can be modded to hell for some really mean sounds.

For poweramps, the peavey is one of the better ones out there for the money. If you can't find one though, carvin makes a very nice one for about the same the peavey runs for.
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