I'm probably buying an Ibanez PGM301, yes, Paul Gilbert's signature (lucky me )
The only thing that still got me wondering is the sound of the pickups.
I know that the PAF humbuckers in the neck and bridge position and the Evolution single-coil in the middle are amazing, but I don't know if they could manage some nice metal (I'm talking about Metallica, Megadeth, etc.), of course it'll be shred all the way too...
Could anyone make me very very happy?
If it really doesn't work for metal I'd probably buy an Ibanez RGA prestige (the sapphire blue one), but DAMN Paul's guitar and tone is sexy as hell !!

And for those who are wondering about an amp, I'm buying a new one too, got around 750€ for the amp then, not to mention I already got a BOSS GT-10

Thanks !
It will do just fine
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