Hello UG community, Im curious if Chiodos Tap's Best Friends Redefined Intro. My friend thinks they do because he cant really see one of the Lead guitarists hands near the Strumming part of the Guitar, Although it has a close up of another lead guitarist in the Video Not tapping it but doing it as i think its supposed to be played.

Can you guys please give me some insight about if you think that maybe one of the lead guitarists does tap it or not because i dont really wanna go against my friend on this Topic unless i know almost for sure that im right.

The Link below is the Music video from the warped tour/ Please skip the guy with the Ape Helm talking hes very annoying.


sorry if put this in the wrong thread.
No it's not, I learnt it, and it definately doesn't. And yeah, the video shows he doesn't too.

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a few years ago, I saw chiodos live in detroit, and I was fairly close, and im pretty sure i saw him taping it, but somewhat recently i saw them in cleveland, and they definitely were picking it out not tapping.
Thanks for the Feedback, i thought i would mine aswell be certain about it, i know it was a stupid question but yea, thanks guys