Nevermind. I guess it was because I added "(outro)" in the title of the song. Don't know I could have identified it since there is no category like that in the submit page. A refusal for that kind of reason is to me exaggerated. A notice would have been more than enough.

I made the tab of the outro of Burden from Opeth for guitar pro and simple ascii and it got rejected for one of the following reason :

- We have a similar tab in the archives --> nothing like that at the moment
- There are too many versions of the tab already --> AFAIK, I'm the first one to release it on the internet
- It was inaccurate or not formatted --> I have a pretty good ear and I'm certain it fits with the spirit of the song
- It was intro or solo tab while we already have tabs for the whole song --> no, it is not available right now.
- Rejected by the community -->In this case, it would be great to know the reason so I can work on it.

Since there seams to be no way to argue the decision or to hear the facts that led to user disapproval or to know what exactly is wrong with my work, I am posting it here with hopes to have things a little bit clarified.


Attached file is a zip file with both .gt5 and .txt in it.
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